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BMJazz Katz


Bringing together a handful of talented and experienced tutors, BMJazz Katz is a workshop project which gives people aged 11 to 19 years the opportunity to learn to play together in a big band.  Open to those who play any instrument, including voice, to a 'reasonable level' for their age, new members are always welcome.  This is an amazing opportunity for kids who want an exciting and welcome space to share and present their musical passions.

The sessions incorporate a mixture of individual and group playing, focussing on rhythm, feel, balance and fun.
All professional musicians, our tutors bring their knowledge and enthusiasm and help students feel comfortable, capable and part of the conversation.



"We are Jack ‘Mac’ McDougal on Saxophone, Nick Kacal on Double Bass and Ryan Thrupp on drums and we make up the regular tutors for the BMJ Jazz Katz. The three of us are all professional jazz musicians, performing regularly both as a trio group as well as in various other ensembles and collectives.  


BMJ approached us at the start of 2023 with the aims of expanding the youth jazz workshop series. Having all worked with and performed for Black Mountain Jazz, we were excited and enthusiastic to be a part of this new initiative.


The workshops are for students of all ages and run twice a month, once a Tuesday evening and once on a Sunday afternoon, with a monthly performance with a featured guest artist happening afterwards on the Sunday evening. In these workshops we aim to teach Jazz performance and improvisation from a more organic, aural tradition, with plenty of listening and no sheet music involved.


It is a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere with the sole purpose of showing participants the enjoyment and fulfilment that can be had from jazz music with the aim that they take home the knowledge and confidence they gain from the workshops to be able to use in their future musical journeys."


"a fabulous opportunity"

- Ali Straker (Mother)

"A full house and a standing ovation for the first outing of our young BMJazz Katz. What a concert! We are so proud of both these budding youngsters and our teachers who have inspired these young instrumentalists. Work, Play, Inspire!​"

- Jack Mac (Tutor)

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