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BMJ 2006

The Club's First Poster for
November / December 2006




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Sunday 29th January
Double Bill





29th November 2016
Double Bill

Ben Creighton Griffiths





               Chris O'Connor (drums)
               Aiden Thorne (bass)
               Greg Sterland (tenor sax)
               Paul Jones (electric piano)

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30th October 2016

Remi Harris Trio

              Caley Groves
              Mike Green
              Remi Harris

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25th September
Amy Walton and Dave Cottle


15th July 2016
The Busquitos


plus Martha Skilton on piano during the interval

26th June 2016
artephis featuring Freddie Eggleton

Ali Roocroft (piano)
Aaron Wood (trumpet)
James Girling (guitar)
Alasdair Simpson (electric bass)
Freddie Eggleton (vocals)
Matt Brown (drums)

and Martha Skilton on piano during the interval


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22nd May 2016
Double Bill
Andy Nowak Trio



Dave Hobbs / Craig Webb Duo

30th April 2016
International Jazz Day Double Bill
Bristol European Jazz Ensemble 

David Mowat (trumpet)
Knud Stüwe (guitar)
Len Aruliah (sax)
Pasquale Votino (double bass)
Paolo Adamo (drums)


Mansel Davies
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20th March 2016
Olivia Trummer in collaboration with Jean-Lou Treboux

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Olivia Trummer - Piano and vocals
Jean-Lou Treboux - Vibraphone

28th February 2016
Double Bill
The Sheik of Shellac and
The Glen Manby Quartet
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Jim Barber - Keyboards
Don Sweeney- Bass
Greg Evans - Drums
Glen Manby - Sax

31 January 2016
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Pippa Marland - vocals, saxes and Irish whistle
Gina Griffin - fiddle and vocals
Paul Bradley - electric guitar and vocals
Rob King - acoustic guitar and bodhran

The club moved to the Melville Centre in Pen-y-Pound, where it has use of a 70-seat theatre

29 November 2015
Ben Thomas / Ed Rees Quartet
Featuring local artist Robyn Hobbs
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Ben Thomas – Trumpet, Ed Rees – Sax
Trevor Lines - Double Bass
Lydia Glanville – Drums
Robyn Hobbs - Live artwork

25 October 2015
Kevin Brown Trio
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Kevin Brown – Guitar
Duncan Kingston - Electric Bass
Mick Candler - Drums


28th June 2015
James Chadwick Trio
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James Chadwick - Guitar
Aeddan Williams - Double Bass
Rod Oughton - Drums

31 May 2015
Chris Quinn
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Chris Quinn at Black Mountain Jazz

26 April 2015
Tamasin Reardon's Ad-Lib
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Gareth Hall (keyboard), Greg Evans (drums)
Tamasin Reardon (alto saxophone)
and Don 'donnie joe' Sweeney (double bass)

29 March 2015
Debs Hancock and The Jazz Dragons
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Debs Hancock (vocals), Gareth Hall (piano)
Erika Lyons (bass) and Keith Niblett (drums)

22 February 2015
The Remi Harris Trio
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Andy Wood (guitar), Mike Green (bass)
and Remi Harris (guitar)

25 January 2015
Paul Munnery's Swing Street Trio
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13 November 2014
Trefor Owen - Shades of Shearing
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Trefor Owen (guitar), Andy Hulme (guitar)
Paul Sawtell (vibes) and Dave Turner (double bass)

9 October 2014
Nigel Price Quartet
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Ross Stanley (organ), Vasilis Xenopoulos (saxophone)
Matt Homes (drums)and Nigel Price (guitar)

30-31 August 2014
wall2wall Jazz Festival
The Three Belles
National Youth Jazz Orchestra
606 Gospel Group
Jacqui Dankworth
Willie Garnett Quartet
Ben Treacher Trio
Dan Owen
Basin Street Brawlers
Heavy Quartet
Will Butterworth Quartet
Zoe Gilby Trio
Kizzy Crawford
Digby Fairweather Quntet
Ceri Williams Band
Johm Etheridge.s Sweet Chorus
Red Rug Jazz Band
Debs Hancock and the Jazz Dragons
Kevin Figes Trio
Chris Ridgeway Sextet
Tony O,Malley Trio
Nia Lynn's Bannau Trio
Moonlight Saving Time
Moscow Drug Club
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Read the review for Saturday at wall2wall 2014

6 July 2014
RWCMD Jazz Ensemble
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13 June 2014
Fat Face Band
Due to availibility of premises, this gig was at nearby Hoffi Coffi

18 May 2014
Aturo Serra Quartet featuring Juan Galiardo
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5 March 2014
Kizzy Crawford

The club again moved - this time back to the Kings Arms in the centre of Abergavenny.

6 February 2014
Will Butterworth Quartet

10 November 2013
Christine Tobin: A Thousand Kisses Deep
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27 October 2013
Dennis Rollins' Velocity Trio
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29 September 2013
Tony O'Malley Trio
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31 August- 1 September 2013
wall2wall Jazz Festival
Christian Brewer Quartet
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion
Hot Club Gallois
Brass Jaw
John Paul Gard Trio
Sarah Gillespie Trio
Martha Skilton/Ben Treacher Quintet
606 Gospel Singers
Asaf Sirkis Trio
Heavy Quartet
Damon Brown Quartet
Gilad Atzmon Trio
Read the review for the Saturday at wall2wall 2013
Read the review for the Saturday at wall2wall 2013

21 July 2013
Michael Janisch's Purpose Built Quartet
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18 June 2013
Georgia Mancio Trio
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26 May 2013
Sarah Ellen Hughes Quartet
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30 April 2013
Ruby Rose Quintet
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19 March 2013
Emily Wright and the Royals

19 February 2013
RWCMD Jazz Ensemble
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10 February 2013
Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble
Ruby Rose (support act)
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20 November 2012
Ray Butcher Trio

Again the club were forced to take a break while it re-located at Abergavenny's Swan Hotel.

27 May 2012
Sarah Gillespie Quartet featuring Gilad Atzmon
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29 April 2012
Brass Jaw

25 March 2012
The Stu Brown Sextet – Twisted Toons
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19 February 2012
RWCMD Jazz Ensemble with guest Gethin Liddington
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29 January 2012
Damon Brown Quintet featuring Tammy Weis
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27 November 2011
Gilad Atzmon and the Orient House Ensemble
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30 October 2011
Sarah Ellen Hughes Quartet
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25 September 2011
Ceri William's 'New Era Reborn Brass Band'

22 May 2011
Get the Blessing
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17 April 2011
Mark Latimer Trio
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27 March 2011
Be Bop da Jig

27 February 2011
John Law's Opt Trio
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30 January 2011
Sarah Gillespie Quartet featuring Gilad Atzmon
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28 November 2010
Asaf Sirkis Trio – workshop and gig
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25 July 2010
Martha Skilton Quartet featuring Jonny Bruce
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30 May 2010
Azhaar Saffaw with Brigitte Beraha

25 April 2010
Nathaniel Facey with the Chris Gilligan Trio
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28 March 2010
Will Butterworth Trio
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28 February 2010
Mornington Lockett with the Chris Gilligan Trio
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29 November 2009
Asaf Sirkis Trio
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15 November 2009
Bennett Soundy Blues Sax Quartet
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13 September 2009
John Etheridge's Sweet Chorus

26 July 2009

31 May 2009
John Law.s Art of Sound Trio
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10 May 2009
Keith Little Quartet

15 March 2009
5 Go Swing
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1 March 2009
Martin Speake Quartet

15 February 2009
The Bannau Trio featuring Nia Lynn
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18 January 2009
The Clivedon Set
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7 December 2008
Domonic Norcross Quartet with guest Martha Skilton
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9 November 2008

19 October 2008
Dan Stern Group featuring Andy Sheppard
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5 October 2008
Brigitte Beraha Trio

Following the two Melville Theatre gigs, the club took a break until October 2008, by which time it had moved to The Kings Arms, Nevill Street, Abergavenny.

18 November 2007
The Damon Brown Quartet

4 November 2007
Eri Yamamoto Trio

In November 2007 the club staged two gigs at Abergavenny's Melville Theatre.

21 October 2007
Debbie Lear Quintet

7 October 2007
Kitty Bevan Quintet

16 September 2007
Dave Stapleton Quartet

19 August 2007
Rebecca Nash Quartet

5 August 2007
Dave Tidball & The O'Connor Bros Trio

15 July 2007
Ruth Hammond Trio's 'Doolan Nash Project' – workshop and gig

1 July 2007
The James Chadwick Trio

17 June 2007
Nia Lynn's Bannau Trio

3 June 2007
The Gareth Roberts Quintet

20 May 2007
Jonny Bruce Sextet

6 May 2007
Ceri William's 'Checking Out Check'

15 April 2007

4 April 2007
Azhaar Saffar Quartet

18 March 2007
Marcia Pendlebury Quartet

7 March 2007
Ruth Hammond Trio

18 February 2007
Martha Skilton Quartet

7 February 2007
Dave Stapleton Quintet

21 January 2007
Jones O'Connor Group

10 January 2007
Kevin Figes Quartet

17 December 2006
Heavy Quartet

6 December 2006
Tom Williams Band

19 November 2006

The club was launched in November 2006 and its first home was the Crown & Sceptre, Mardy, Abergavenny


The club's monthly meetings are at The Melville Centre, Pen-y-Pound, Abergavenny NP7 5UD Club Mobile: 07958612691
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